Noob quality test

After viewing this forum and optical drive reviews all I ever hear you guys talk about is quality. I’m not sure if I understand how quality works in the end. I’m happy if my burned disc works in my drive after I burn it. So here’s my quality test:

Drive: NEC ND-3550A
Disc: Verbatim 16x DVD-R from Best Buy
Disc details: DVD-R:MCC 03RG20
Manufacturer Name : Mitsubishi Chemical Corp.
Manufacturer ID : MCC 03RG20
Burned: 3.57 gig iso @ 8x w/ Nero 6.6

Thanks for any tips!

The trouble is that NECs are not the best quality scanners. They tend to be high on the PI Errors as in your case.
Your burn is with specification although I’d be a little concerned about the PIEs.

What happens with burns of this media at 12x or 16x? You might find that 12x is a good burning speed.

Ok, here’s the same burn cept at 12x:

The “PI Errors” Average is much lower but the Quality Score is lower?

Yes, because you have more PIF spikes now.
I wouldn’t worry too much about single spikes though.
If you use LiteOn burners to scan, you can use KProbe, which is much more powerful and can remove spikes from the display.

Is the disc clean? Does it have dust or dirt on it?

No, the disc was clean. So I should burn at 8x from now on because the Quality score is higher?

The scans of 12x and 8x burns you posted are both fine.

The quality of the 8x burn is better in my opinion, and from the scan I can see that the result would probably be even better at 6x.

How can I see this?
The NEC 3550 burns the disc in zones, starting at 4x, then 6x and finally 8x. This is also known as Z-CLV. Of the three zones, the 6x zone has the lowest PIE/PIF.

Whether you want to burn with good quality at 12x, better quality at 8x or even better quality at 8x is entirely up to you! :slight_smile: