Noob: PX-708UF2 firmware update problem

Hi all, First time posting.

My wife bought me a Plextor PX-708UF2 drive for xmas. Everything seems to be working fine, except when I went to upgrade the firmware from the original firmware 1.01? to 1.08, or any other firmware I get an error of “No Drive found”

I did some searching on this forum and couldn’t find any reference to this error. I used the self test check on the drive and the drive is fine. I found a firmware version 1.05 on the European site that gets me to the upgrade screen. Why isn’t 1.05 on the US site and why will the European site firmware be the only one I can find that will let me upgrade?


Thanks for the help.  I'm happy I found this forum.  I had no idea that I know so litle about CD/DVD drives and burners.

BTW, I am using the USB 2.0 interface, not IEEE1394.

Is the 708A2/UF2 different from the 708A/UF?

The 708A2/UF2 is different from the 708A/UF.
you cannot use firmware for 708A on 708A2.
708A2/UF2 is made for EUROPEAN and CHINESE market and japanese OEM only.
The 708A2 is based on the 712A drive and uses the same firmware as 712A with a modified ini file for the flash program. If you just want to flash it then use European firmware for 708A2
Now if you want to try you can flash your 708A2 with unmodified 712A firmware and rumors are that by doing this you will be able to write at 12x on DVD+R and use Error tests in Plextols…
Now to flash the firmware:
1st. Check CRC code and take a note of it
2nd. change Drive (Vendor) name to 708A2 in firmware file.
3rd. Check CRC and Change CRC check string in firmware
4th. Flash drive.
If you dont understand this better dont do this.
there is no guarantee that this will work flawless.
You will void guarantee and there is now way flashing back…
This is nly forusers who know what they are doing…

how long is it taking for your drive to make up a backup copy?
what is the difference between “Self-Extracting Firmware Files”
AND “Binary Firmware Files”??
which one should be used?

Thanks for the replies folks. I figured that the case was the firmwares were representing a diferent clas of drives. I don’t know what the difference is between the bin and self extracting files other than the bin has the firmware only without the instruction set for installation.

I haven’t tried backing anything up yet. I used the ROXIO drag and click to burn a sample disc of some of my mp3 library just to see how it would work. Other than that, I have basically just watched some discs and am on my way to figuring out how to burn DVD’s with my copy of Nero 6 and Alcohol 120% build 1.4.3.

I might try upgrading the 708UF2 to firmware 1.05, but i don’t see the need to do this just yet. Maybe I’ll break it in before flashing anything funny.

Thanks again for helping clear up my first questions.

excuse me? we answer your questions but you ignore ours?

okey dokey ignore my previous post. :bigsmile:


All due respect, but I don’t think I ignored any questions. Except of course which one to use in terms of firmwares, selef extracting bin vs. bin only. My guess is that it depends on the case if you are using an OS different from Windows. I would further expand by reiterating that I haven’t done a full backup using my drive; rather I only made a dvd copy of some of my mp3 library for a test run. In case it matters, I think it took a little over 5 minutes. But i didn’t fill the disc, wasn’t sitting with a stopwatch, and simply closed the Easy CD &DVD Creator after burning the disc.

Care to tell me where I was being impolite? I posted in the title of the thread I am a noob with DVD burning, and don’t want to give bad advice or break any established etiquette.

please read my previous post that mentions my previous post.
In this subsequent post, i say again, yes you are correct. :bigsmile: