Noob needs help with Nu Tech DDW - 082

Hello all. First i would like to say great site, useful info, keep up the good work. On to the problem. I have a AMD Mobile Barton 2500+ on a Abit NF7s v2.0 board with a gigabyte 9600 pro and 2 x 256 OCZ pc3200 ddr ram 80gb WD hd and a Nu tech DDW - 082. I am always looking to make my system the best using little to no money :clap: Anyways i have tried to update all the drivers and firmwares i can find with all of my hardware. Now i must admit i do not know alot about things that i am getting myself into. But i feel the rewards outweigh the risks. I have dowloaded various programs while looking for the latest nutech drivers. I guess nutech uses windows basic drivers or something cuz i couldnt find them anywhere. I did however find aspi software and thought that it would help my machine. I dont know if this is what caused the problem but the program was ill-informed and in a confusing dos environment. So after doing this procedure i noticed that my drivers for my nutech were not available in all aspects (driver provider, driver date, digitally signed, driver version). The real problem came when i went to explorer and saw that my drive wasnt even recognized, every time i would try n uninstall the unknown drivers and reinstall it would give me an error stating that it couldnt find the drivers anywhere and i have tried to point to various locations that i thought would help it look for it in the right direction but no help. So i finally got it working by populating volumes under the volumes tab but i still have no digitally signed drivers or any drivers for that matter and that iritates the hell out of me. I had called ms support looking for help and what a waste of time that was… “$35 dollars to listen to a noob” or “check the support website” no shit lady ived done that. I have also had problems with xp lately as i switched my bios around and ran into problems with \inf\bioinfo.inf either corrupt or missing, finally got by this and now i have this nutech problem. If i cant figure out a way to fix it all ima have to reinstall xp cuz all those extra dlls or files that i have accidently made irritate me. Appreciate any help anyone can give thx alot and keep up the great community.

As mainly a Linux user I cannot help you with your XP problems (my DDW-082 just works with dvd+rw-tools…), but you do not have to install any drivers for ATAPI DVD or CD Burners (unless you want to use UDF which would require something like InCD). All you DO need, is a CD or DVD burning software like Nero…