Noob needs help, please! Burner question

Hello everybody. I recently build a new computer and am having a problem with my burner. I bought a Samsung SH-S182M to take care of my optical drive needs, seemed like a good choice, a real swiss army dvd burner. Anywho, after burning a few discs everything was ok, however I tried to update the firmware after that. My first atempt at updating the firmware failed, but the second try worked. After trying to burn anything (cd/dvd) after that, the write buffer keeps falling practically to 0 every two seconds. Reverting to the original firmware didn’t remedy this. I don’t know if this is a hardware issue, or not, but i really feel like this is more software related, and i Really don’t feeling like RMA’ing.

Sorry, i’ve gone on a rant, it’s jsut so frustrating having brand new components break on you.

Thanks in advance

Your writer buffer keeps going to 0, but is the burn coming out okay? Is it burning too slow, or is it getting done quickly? What software are you using to burn?

After the burn finishes Nero informs me that it saved me from a bad burn some in 150 something instances. And i feel like it’s burning slower as well, it took me almost 40-45 minutes to burn a 1.6g dvd this morning at 16x. I use nero btw. Harley, it just occurred to me that all this started when i started using a round ide cable as opposed to the flat one that i had no problems with. I also moved the jumper in the back to Master i think. Do you think that jumper settings or a bad IDE cable can be the culprit?

Poor quality round cables can adversely affect burning. Best try replacing that with the flat one to see if that solves it. I assume that with the jumper set to master that the burner was on the end connector. If not then that could well be the problem.

My thoughts exactly, will post later with results.

Checking/enabling your DMA might help too, after you’ve switched cables. :slight_smile:

The cable was at fault, it was a poorly made xoxide cable, overpriced too. Last time I use them. I’m gonna call them and complain, i almost put my burner in a box to rma.