Noob needs help, nero crash burning vcd

I have spent some time searching, but still have problems with nero crashing every time I try to burn vcd from 1.downloaded divx (DVDRip)file, 2.Downloaded avi file. Crash happens while encoding. Never have I got to the burn stage. I have tried to disable DMA, shut down all apps(virus, firewall, screensaver,etc.)Allways crashes(auto restart\reboot). I can burn these same files all day long as data files, and have great results with all other burning of ISO files,music,etc.

Here is my rig-----windows xp home sp1-----------------------
ACER-unknown older CD/RW
IDE secondary (CS master)
20GB HD-IDE primary (CS master)
AMD xp2000
512 m kingston PC2100
Soltek DRV5 MB
VIA-VT8367-8233 w/latest 4in1 drivers
BIOS- phoenix 6.00PG-no control for DMA found
NERO updates 1&2

The encoding process can be somewhat stressfull to your system as it uses most CPU resources. Do you have these reboots when doing any other heavy work with your PC?

You could disable automatic restart from windows to get an idea of what might be causing this.

Thanks for responding. Yes I do have crashes other times,but I don’t think It’s under heavy use. Microsoft reports an unknown device driver is to blame. I have another hard drive I am planing on installing. I could not install windows with it on this rig. I had to install on my other comp. Then I would get bsod that said IROQ not less than or equal. Thats when stripped it down and reinstalled drivers. I will disable restart and see what I get. This will take me a little bit to report back on. Im holding out on getting a DVD burner,and would like to settle for VCD untill the prices come down a bit more.

Update…I tried burning a smaller file. This time no crash, but the process stopped and gave me this message.

Microsoft visual C++ runtime library
runtime error
program; C:\program files\ahead
R6025-pure virtual function call

I need a little help getting to bsod. I thought I set to not restart, but it did the same thing. shutdown restart send error report.

Microsoft reports an unknown device driver is to blame.
No info at all for this driver, something you can google for?

As for the runtime error maybe reinstalling the VB Runtime files could help (i am not sure they are refering to the same thing)? Google for a “MSVISUALBASICRUN60SP4.EXE” file or something

I should have put quote marks on that microsoft error report,as that is all they give with some lame links to KB articles. I am going to swap out hard drives. This one was on it’s way out anyway.
I know this is getting away from a burning problem…It.s just that I can count on a crash every time with the encoding.
Dude. thanks again I’ll be back.