Noob Needs advice on new project!



I have never done this so I could use a little toturing!
I would like to complile a dvd with pics of my kids to send to mom & dad.
They do not have a CPU. But they do have a video DVD player.

I would like to compile these still pics on a DVD so that they could just pop it in & view them. Best case scenarion would be a slide show as well as some way to choose an individual pic.

Also If I were to take AVI vids with my digital camera how can I place them on the same DVD & allow them to view it on their DVD player?

My mom thanks you in advance!!


If your mom have a standalone able to play avi, the simplest thing to do is to burn all movies and pics as a data disc.

Usually these avi-capable standalones have a menu that ask you what you want to play so it’s sufficient to insert a disc and select what you want to see with the remote control.

If you select an image, then the player will start from that image and will show all pics in the disc in a slide-show mode. You can always skip pics with remote control.

The best way is to do a test putting some pics and videos on a disc, with a rewritable for example to not waste media, and see if results are acceptable.


Will look into that.
If any one esle has suggestions in case this is not AVI capable I would be greatful.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

If standalone is not avi capable, the only thing to do is to convert avi in video dvd. To do this you need a mpeg encoder like TMPGEnc to convert avi in mpeg and a dvd authoring software like TMGEnc DVD Author to convert mpeg in vob.

This is a rather time consuming procedure, and require a high CPU power to do the mpeg encoding. If you have many avi movies to convert, the easiest solution is to buy an avi-capable standalone (nowdays these players don’t costs too much)


The DVD players does not support AVI’s.

I can convert the AVI to the required format. I have access to DVD Santa & AVI to DVD convert.

But how do I burn the DVD so the player will recognized both the pics & the Movie?


My suggestion is to burn separate discs: one for pics and another for movies. In this way you can create a standard video dvd. For pics you can also use a CD instead of DVD, burning as a regular data disc.

All standalones should be able to read these data discs containing pics. Again, to be sure, you should do a test burning some pics on a disc (a rewritable if your standalone support them, to not waste media).