Noob Need Help DUH!

Ok, so I am going to take the plunge & buy mt first DVD burner.
I need an education!
I need Advice!
I need help!
I do not understand the [ + - ] thingies!
I do not understand layers!

I would like some recommendations please.
I would like to be sure that when I burn I don’t grow a beard waiting.
I would like to be able to ensure that whatever I burn will play on any home dvd plyer.

Thanks to all that share ther knowledge.

I would like it to be an external [USB?] unit.

Nuthin fancy but functional.

Check this:

It’s more info than what you’ve asked for, but does answer your first questions.

BTW, didn’t you already buy your first burner one and a half month ago? :wink:

No, Posted a question back in Dec 04 but never got any responses.
Can’t seem to find that post now either.
HAve not been on the board since.

External drives are limited compare to internals. Your selections of quality burners (external) would be:
LG GSA-5163
Plextor PX-716UF
BenQ EW162i

In the US, you can find the LG at Sams Club, Plextor at Best Buy and other brick and mortar stores. I think the BenQ would need to order it online.

Of course you need USB2.0 ports to optimized the burner. The older USB1.1 is slow. If you are new to this, I would suggest the Plextor (expensive though). As for the media, I would suggest +R and set the booktype to DVD-ROM. The burner will do this for you.

Thank you.
I have been looking twords the plextor.
Think I will do that one.

Could you please explain though what you mean by “Book Type” ?

Thanks again

You can find many articles from google. One of them here in cdfreaks:
Increased compatibility: DVD bitsetting - Explanation


Have ou any opinion on “lightScribe” technology?

To me Lightscribe is a useless gimmick: Even if you ignore the expense and limited abailability of Lightscribe media… the fact is that to burn a decent graphic (anything more than a few lines of text) that remains readable , you have to flip your DVD after you burn it, reinsert to burn the graphic, which will take at least 20-25 minutes and sometimes even longer…so effectively, producing a DVD goes back to taking as long as it did with 2x burners…and that doesn’t even begin to consider the expected lifespan of a drive that’s now spending that much time burning each DVD…

Yeah, the expensive media, long writing time, and lack of coolness factor when compared to Yamaha’s Disc T@2 all go against Lightscribe. Stick with a Sharpie.

Exactly the same thoughts from my side. :wink:

Maybe to you, but certainly not to me.

I won’t use it on all my discs, but on the important stuff I’m defenitely gonna use it. :iagree: