NOOB. Need a little help

I have just started to backup my DVD collection. I now have kids and dont want a bunch of useless dvd’s laying around.

I first started with AnyDVD then using NERO to burn and it has been working pretty much flawlessly. I did have it go through a couple disks with some error that seemed to be fixed by updating to the latest firmware form my burner.

Instead of paying for the software from AnyDVD I then looked into this ripit4me deal with DVD Decryptor and DVD shrink. It seems to go through everything fine and rips a 8 gig file onto my pc. Then I go to burn and it asks for another temp file to store files in. I dont have another 8 gigs available for it. What I am wondering is why does it need more HD space to burn. I am not concerned about compressing the movie onto a 4.7 gig disk as I have already bought a bunch of 8.5 gig disks.

I guess to summerize.

What is the best setup for free software to break the copy protection?

Can I then just jump into nero express and burn easily?

Is there any reason to compress the videos onto a 4.7 gig disk? Assuming I dont want to lose any quality and I dont mind paying the $2 for a 8.5 gig disk.

Thanks for helping out a noob. I spent a grip of time reading on this place and would love some quick easy answers.

dvdfab decrypter is free and seems like the free solution now. Just got to dvdfab thread to get that. Nero should have no issues opening the files on the HDD then.

Personally, if you’re going to stick to free software for the ripping part, I’d do so for burning, as well. Nero’s fine and all, but, I found that with IMGBurn, my DVD’s burn perfectly every time without any guess work. So, I’d mirror Dr. Who’s advice about using DVD Fab Decrypter for ripping the DVD to your hard drive initially, but, I would then burn the hard drive folder to a DVD DL using IMGBurn. It’s also freeware and very easy to use. I hope this helps!

If you are planning on “backing up your collection” as you state, you had better plan on getting additional hard drive space somehow. Either add an internal or external hard drive to your system. If it is warning you about running out of room now, it will only get worse. Changing software will not get rid of the space problem. The software you have now is near perfect for what you want to do.

I do have more hard drive space on my other PC in my network. I am not keeping files on the HD. I am just burning them onto backup disks so I can keep the backup disks out and hide the originals from the kids.

I have already purchased Nero a long time ago, but was hoping to avoid purchasing AnyDVD. I ripped a dvd yesterday using DVDfab and it seems easy enough.

It appears that I just need to start a new compilation and add in the TS_VIDEO and TS_AUDIO files and rename the ISO to the DVD name. Is that the right way to do it?

Again thanks for the help everyone.

Yea, that’ll definitely work fine. If you’re comfortable burning with Nero, by all means use it as it’ll do a decent job. Sounds like you’re on the right track.