Noob Liteon 20A1S AHCI problem



Hi all,
sorry if this is in the wrong section but i’m new…

Anyway I have a Liteon 20A1S optical drive which works fine for the most parts but…
when i enable AHCI mode in the bios and install windows Xp the drive still works fine i can burn disks and so on then when i install Battlefield 2142 the game installs correctly and completes but then when i try to launch the game i get “please insert install disk and select ok to try again” even though the disk is in the drive…as though it cannot read the copyright protection sector of the disk!
My system specs are:
Core 2 duo e6700
Asus maximus formula 0907 bios (latest)
2 x hd3870
74gb rapter
300gb caviar
750w silverstone psu
and Liteon 20A1S 20A1S.9L08 (std) and patched-fbl-eos-eoht

thanks for your help


Does it work with AHCI disabled??? Do you have other softwares running like Anydvd, Blindwrite,etc…


thanks for your reply
sorry should of put this on first post…
Yes when windows is installed with AHCI disabled (sata 1 mode) it works fine…
the system is a clean install so virtually no software just updates and security…