Noob Install Question

Please help a noob get this figured out… I originally downloaded and installed V5.0.2.0 from the download page, but the version installed showed V5.0.0.0. After some investigation time I discovered that the links on the main page and the link on the download page give you different file names. The install link on the main page downloaded a file labeled DVDFab5020_avangate-689, but on the download page the file was DVDFabNonCSS5022_avangate-689. When I installed the one with the NonCss in the label, the installed version always reports v5.0.0.0… when I install the one without the NonCss in the label it comes out right and shows v5.0.2.0… So now I want to install the new v5.0.2.2, only now both links download a file called DVDFabNonCSS5022_avangae-689. When I install this, it once again shows as v5.0.0.0, both in the about window of the program when running, and in the add/remove programs of the control panel. So what am I doing wrong?? I don’t get it… how can I get a working version of v5.0.2.2??? Sorry if this is unclear, but I don’t know how else to say it… thanx for any help…

Are you downloading from

That is where you should be downloading from.

Try this one.

Thanx for the quick response guys… I was going to… I don’t know how I got that, but when I go to, the working links now show up… I don’t know how I got, but it is truely confusing… the pages look identical… anyways, the link you gave me works great and I’m fixed… thanx again…

Is DVDFab.[U]NET[/U] a Phishing site? It certainly sounds like one.

[QUOTE=bedecc;2064162]Is DVDFab.[U]NET[/U] a Phishing site? It certainly sounds like one.[/QUOTE]No. I think it was set up to avoid that someone else could buy the address an use it as a one.

The .net page is also the one you get transfered to when you are going to buy the program, if you are currently using the .com page.

And the NON-CSS versions of Fab are on there for business/legal reasons.

Ah, I understand. In the eternal wisdom of Monty Python, Say no more.