Noob: Ihas124-4 IMP what that IMP means?



So, I want to buy some Ihas “B” Series, I found one “

So i Call the customer to say if it was Ihas “A” Series or “B” Series and he said: It’s writen here, Ihas 124 04 / IMP.

So i get confused and made some research and the “IMP” series seens to don’t exist, no one talk about it.

So The “IMP” is a serial number or the customer were mistaken ?

If the “Ihas 124-04-IMP” series really do exist, can I crossflash it to Ihas “124-4 B” ?


Looks like you’ve confused the links, this one is for iHAS124:

Sorry, can’t tell anything about that “IMP” label.
Only thing i know is that this one can be crossflashed to iHAS624B:


I think “IMP” is only something used to label the stock (maybe as an import?). Sites don’t usually put anything beyond the basic drive model & other internal stock labels.

Terramex’s suggestion of the “Asus” might be better for you.