Noob here: What software tests the burn to make sure it is not a coaster?

I did not find an answer when I searched existing posts.

I use Alcohol 120% and a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-116D SCSI CdRom Device. I also use top quality media (TY & Verbatim). With the original CD, I create either an .ISO or Alcohol’s .MDF format. Then I use Alcohol to burn the image to a blank DVD-R. Alcohol completes with no error message, but I have produced a coaster or two. I want some software that will detect coasters during the burn process. Comparing .ISOs is a tedious chore. Am I doing something wrong?? Vista SP2 (32 bit)


You can use the free ImgBurn tool to burn your ISO/MDF image instead and enable the Verify option; that will ensure your disc is readable (at least in the burning drive).

You can set ImgBurn options to always automatically verify your burns (you can cancel the verification if you for some reason don’t have time to wait for verification of a specific burn).