to BackUp MOHAA


OK… Heres my specs
AMD 1.3 Tbird
40gig 7200 HDD
AoPen 2440
Ner0 (latest version)

Right… I need some advice on what I can and cant do with this Aopen burner… will I be able to backup sd2.51 protected titles? (ie MOHAA/ JK2/ GTA3…) or do I have to give up on the idea of backing up my precious masters ($110 each)?

If I can do it … what should I expect to see when using CloneCD??

IE… when I tried to make a backup image of MOHAA… the log file said my burner did not support Fast Error Skip…and I got a whole list of unreadable sectors…is this to be expected and will the new betablocked patch fix this prob???

Any other tips would be great… and yes I am reading thru as much as I can… you guys have a great forum here… THANKS:bow:

The default game profile should do just fine. And the errors are suposed to be there…


thanks… tried the sd2.5 AWS profile and then droped the image.img file into betablocker (new one) and viola… another shiny coaster to add to the collection… :rolleyes:

  1. will my Aopen 2440 do the job or is it a hunk’o’junk?
  2. if it will… do I use the std game profile or the sd2.5aws (dloaded from this site)?
    3)do I need to use betablocker?

thanks for the time and advice… really appreciated


Aopen cannot handle correct EFM encoding which is needed for the SafeDisc 2.51.021 protection MoH:AA uses. You need to write the image with AWS enabled as already mentioned here before. Do not use BetaBlocker when using AWS: BB+AWS=Coaster. Try reading and writing the disc with the standard Game Profile. I presume you can use AWS (it’s disabled for the US and Japan). If not enable it with this tool. I suggest reading at a low read speed (4x). When playing the back-up from a CD-writer you have to enable ‘Hide CDR Media’ in the CloneCD tray. This is because of the so-called ATIP protection. You can of course just play the back-up from a normal CD-Rom. One final thing to keep in mind: AWS doesn’t work for each drive. There’s no guarantee you’ll get a working back-up with AWS enabled for your Aopen drive. Try using some CD-RW discs first so save on CD-R’s :wink:


thanks… I appreciate you time and the easy explanation