NOOB help... Quality score

Is this good? I burned at 12x…very new sorry…

Why are we getting posts every single day from people asking if this or that is a good score? We’ve covered this in-depth on a good many occasions. Yes, 97 is fine, that’s a good burn. Can someone please make a stickied topic/FAQ covering Nero CD/DVD Speed on how it should be setup and how to read the various values to tell if your burn truely is as good as Nero says it is?

Just to add a little:

The quality score percentage is heavily based on PIF level. So, besides the quality score, also check your PI Errors. Max PIE below 20 is excellent in my book. Overall, max PIE below 280 is good. So if you get max PIE below 280, you can trust the QS percentage (do not worry too much about high single spikes that exceed 280.)

Check this scan
A quality score of 99% but PIE max way above 280, should be QS= zero!!! [sorry nealh, we’ve discussed it before in the thread :D]

The quality looks very good to excellent to me.

I agree that max PIE under 20 is excellent - and your max PIE is only 12.

Your PIF max of 6 is also very good to excellent (this is the most important one), and is directly responsible for the 97% quality score given by CDSpeed. Anything under 16 is considered to be good.

You might consider updating to a later firmware - B7M9 is a little bit old. The latest one is B7T9, although you might want to wait before bothering, since B7U9 is apparently due very soon.

Don’t be afraid to do your CDSpeed quality scans at 8X, since this will save you some time. The BenQ is very good at reading the data, and although the scan will deteriorate slightly at 8X, it’s probably won’t be enough to worry about.

Finally, consider changing your CDSpeed colors from a background of black to a background of white. This is better, since CDSpeed color codes the background color of the PIF region into three colors as follows:

  1. green = safe
  2. light red = marginal
  3. dark red = dangerous

It’s easier to see these colors when you set the background to white. You do this by clicking “File->Options” to get to the CDSpeed options dialog box. On the left of this box you will see an item labeled “Disc Quality” - make sure you click on this before proceeding, or you will end up changing the wrong colors. Near the bottom-right you will see a “Colors” section. Switch the “Theme:” from “Legacy” to “Bright” and click OK to dismiss the box.

Do another quality scan and you will be better able to see the colors.

Hey thanks a bunch for the help… I figured it was ok, but really wanted to know from someone who has experiance.