Noob help needed with Medal of Honor

Sorry but Im sure this has been asked thousands of times before & I apologise but, as Im a bit of a novice with this stuff I need some basic & easy to follow instructions for backing up Medal of Honor:Allied Assault.

Ive got the latest copy of CloneCD & also ClonyXXL for software. Ive got a Pioneer 104 dvd-rw,Pioneer 119 dvd-rom & a Lite-On 48125S cd writer.
I`m running a Windows XP (Service Pack 1) on a XP2200+,512mb 333Mhz DDR with a Western Digital 80gig Caviar Special Edition Hard Drive. (dunno if that helps but the more info the better I suppose)

I`ve done basic backups of old games but I really need to know how to backup Medal of Honor.

Any help appreciated guys & if you can help you`ll be a God in my books!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

have a look in the lite-on and clonecd forum for help

use your lite-on for it

First of all, WELCOME to the forum Gazanimal.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault has SafeDisc 2.51.021 on it and can be copied using CloneCD if you got a 2 sheep burner.

Check here if your writer is a 2 sheep:

he has a lite -on writer that can make the back-up

good luck


(can i have a copy of the page that holds my and Namohs godly name??)

Originally posted by damiandimitri

(can i have a copy of the page that holds my and Namohs godly name??)

Yeah, me want a copy to!! :wink:

Cheers guys,much appreciated for the heads up.

Ive looked for my writer to check if its a 1 or 2 sheep writer but I can only find the 48125W version of my drive & not the 48125S.I presume they`re the same drive but with different firmware & as such will do the same job? Am I right?

Also which settings in CloneCD do I use or should I run the discs through ClonyXXL at let it choose for me?

Any help would be great. :bow:

lite-on are normally 2 sheep burners

just go to the clone-cd forum…and download the profiles;

and chose in clone-cd the safedisk one (no aws)[no%20AWS].ccp

(to download click on the profile, chose save as…save as “all files” )

Thanks guys :cool:

your welcome…:confused: