NOOB expierience so far



Hi folks. heard about DVDFAB from a freind so got a burner to try it out, sony DRX-810UL. No real probs untill last night. fab gold complete disc failed to write. fab express compressed had no prob. My best guess is it’s the burning engine, but cant say for sure. I kept feeding it discs, got one to finish successfully but could only play the first 10MB as thats all that was recognized?? one more try and it worked.

Somethin strange, burning Young Gunns I copyed a country rap vid but not
A 30 min Vid about Billy the Kid. Have searched orig disc and can’t fid rap vid?
Good to meet you, Like to know your thoughts.
The disc I had trouble with is A new release, so I thought at first new protection, but had no trouble ripping, So just dont know.


:clap: Found the rap vid :clap:
Titles, not menue :o
Maybe VHS will make a comeback :doh:


What is the actual media code of the media you are using. If you don’t know, you can find out with nero cdspeed, dvdinfopro, and dvdcrypter. Don’t bother with the actual brand, because many brands could be one of 4 - 8 different media codes.


According to burn log, RITEK-D01-01.


Run a cdspeed disk quality scan on the dvd that failed. For scan speed select 6x. That will be good enough to give an ideal of the burn quality of the dvd. Post your results here.


Thanks for the reply, Rob.
Looks to me like the disc is crap after the LB. This is from the successful burn that wont play.

I’m running test on the 2nd part of the “good” disc now and it looks as bad as this.
Since I dont know squat I’d like to know what you think of it.


I’ve looked at the movie where the LB should be and cant see a difference, then again not sure what to look for.


You scan speed is set to maximum. You need to change it to about 6x. It varies from brand to brand of dvd burner, and I’m not that familiar with your brand.


Crap media, the outcome is that what I’d expect from such DL media. :frowning:


Thanks for the reply chef.
I think the only choice was max or 8x.
I’ll play with it some more to see for sure.


In case of DL media I only can recommend Verbatims yet.


reinstalled nero. dd box now working.