Noob: DVD-R vs DVD+R in depth

The only info I can find on this topic is that DVD-R is traditional and more compatable to DVD player than DVD+R; while DVD+R has some better technology for computers than DVD-R.

Is the “better features” worth going for, and what are they exactly in simple terms?

Basically, is it worth getting the DVD+R for the extra features over the less compatabilities, Or stick with just DVD-Rs as they are?

My uses are 50-50 with both backingup data and dvd movie backups.

DVD+R is considered a more robust implementation with greater growth potential (see how far ahead they are with dual layer and 16x burning). There’s an article hosted somewhere on CDFreaks discussing the technical differences between the two formats.

If your burner supports bitsetting, +R can be as or more compatible as -R in most standalone players.

As far as what is best for you, my advice is to go to your local brick and mortar and pick up a few types of both -R and +R in small quantitites to test with your burner and standalone players. +R and -R technical differences aside, everyone’s setup is different and you probably will want to see how different media performs before plunking down serious cash on a 50 or 100 piece spindle.