Noob crossflash question

I have an OEM 1620, which is recognized as only a DVD DD 2x16x4x16
A I understand it to get it to from GK79 to the B series firmware, I have to flash it down to a 1600 and then up to a 1620 pro. What firmware do I need to flash it down to a 1600 and then which firmware do I want to flash it to for a 1620 pro? I have searched the threads and cant seem to find the answers.

I also have a 1610 and would like to know if the b8p9 firmware that allows for 4xDL burning is real and obtainable?


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Actually , your fimware is G7K9, right?. You can flash it directly to a DW1620 Pro retail. Just go here, read this thread and follow the already posted instructions.

Make sure you select and flash the CORRECT drive.

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But I have tried this and I keep getting a message ‘drive not supported’ or ‘drive not recognized’ and it refuses to flash.



Download WinDWFlash and B7T9.CVT.

Boot into Windows safe mode, No disc in your BenQ, Use WinDWFlash, choose right drive to flash!! load the CVT file, flash.

And if anything goes wrong, don’t blame me… It’s all up to you…

I downloaded two files, one was an exe the other was the .cvt file, was the exectueable not WinDWFlash? The executable that I downloaded, when I clicked on it launched the flash program which allowed me to select my drive, but it kept saying ‘drive not supported’. Have other people had this problem where they get the message ‘drive not supported’?


Think you downloaded the wrong program - you used the link directly besides the .cvt link I guess - that downloaded the std BenQ updater .exe!
Go up on the firmware page to the firstr paragraph “firmware flashers” or “flasher tools” or so - there is WinDWFlash.

Be sure to read most threads about firmware flashing!
It is always a risk!

EDIT: This is what you want:

But if you ask me, stay with the original BenQ bulk firmwares at least for now, until you are more experienced!

I’ve flashed firmware before and I am well aware of the risks, just couldn’t find the tool thanks.


Thanks for all the help, worked like a charm.