Noob + CloneCD

I Have A Copy Of “Oni”. The Three Files I Have Are A .ccd , .img , And A .sub I’m Not Sure How To Proceed To Make Them Work Other Then It Will Require The Use Of “CloneCD”.


Apologies On Being A Noob.

I’m sure that you would have used CloneCD to create these files, no? Why don’t just use CloneCD to burn them as well.


I Assumed I’d Get That Response, Understandable. I’ve Never Used CloneCD I Got The Files From A Friend (which I guess isn’t helping my case) Whom I’m Not Speaking With At The Moment. Oh Well, Maybe I’ll Figure It Out.

It’s not my place to judge, so that’s why i removed my comment. However i have quoted you, so you cannot remove yours either :wink:

Buy the game. :cop: