Noob BF: Vietnam -Help

Hey guys, this is my first time posting on this forum, looks like a good place. Anyways I haven’t made one single back-up of any of my legally bought pc games and I would like to start backing up. So, I got the trial version of Blindwrite The problem is I have no idea how to copy my bf vietnam cd and I would really like to. I started the program and just clicked “start” on the copy a cd page but it seemed to be taking an insanily long time. So whats up do I need to do other things?? Or what?? I would really like to get this to work so any help would be welcome.

First step is to identify the copy protection scheme used. Search for and download A-Ray scanner which will analyze the CD for you. I’m pretty sure the US release of BF Vietnam is Safedisc 3.1+, but it’s always best to be sure.

If you browse the copy protection forum, you’ll see that the latest versions of safedisc and securom take some doing to back up properly. And even then, you’ll need a burner capable of burning the backup correctly. An alternative is to make a backup using some form of emulation (like Blindwrite’s autoplay system), but personally, I think it’s something to be avoided if you have the time and capability to do it right.

One thing I can confirm is that a long wait is to be expected. Even the best optical drives take quite a while to read the copy protected portion of the disc. The first 10,000 sectors are the only ones protected, but that area can take a half hour alone to read properly. Reads taking multiple hours are not uncommon for drives that are not good at reading protections.

i think battlefiled vietnam is safedisc 2.9, both us and euro versions, so i think blindwrite 5 on automatic profile or CloneCD after version 4.3 will make a copy without any problems.

ben :slight_smile:

Hey thanks guys. I’ll see if I can’t get that to work thanks for the info.