Noob BenQ 1620-Pro questions

Pls bear with me folks, am an ultra noob to the dvd burning scene…

The main reason i bought the 1620 is because of the glowing reviews in this site, and because i badly needed to free some of my hard drive space, so obviously i shall be using it for mostly back-up purposes.

So I installed it, and it seemed to work. It played my concert and movie dvds, played my mp3 cd compilations and other various cd media around. What it could NOT read was ANY of the blank DVD+R and cd-R media i bought.

I tried iomega and philips brand dvd+r’s, and the drive simply would not read or detect it. Now i tried inserting an imation cd-r (which my other battered, 2-year old nameless cd writer could detect and read), and STILL my benq 1620 couldnt detect it.

Now i know dvd burners are fickle when it comes to reading media, so my question is this: Have i just bought cheap, worthless blank discs that the 1620 could not read, or is it possible that it could be a dud drive? IS it possible for the drive to be dud if it can read normal dvd movies and music cd’s and compilations, yet it hasnt read a SINGLE blank dvd or cd i have bought? Put differently, is the fact that it can read normal dvd movies and cds a sign that it aint a dud, and im just using worthless media? Thanks in advance.

Btw, another question. I have yet to burn a single dvd in my life. When burning cd’s i know i have to have at least 650 MB free in my HD to burn. Is the same true for burning dvds, in that if i want to burn 4 gig worth of stuff, i must have 4 gig free in my HD? thanks again!

sounds like you might have old firmware on your drive, check on the benq web site to see whats the latest.
its very common to buy a drive with an old version of firmware.