Noob 360 flash help?

Hi,i just want someone to tell me in a simple manner what i may need to flash my 360.I dont think i have a compatible sata chipset
(Intel 82801db ultra ata storage controller-24cb if anyone could confirm my suspicouns i would really appreciate it) but i have heard that there are other methods.I dont want a 360 blaster as i tend to sell a few consoles here and there and if everytime i want to flash another 360 i would have to buy another one and install it! Ive heard of the VIA VT6421L Chipset SATA & IDE Card mtkflash but can i install that on my pc and will it be all i need to replace my lack of sata chipset and give me what i need to attach a 360 to my Pc,as you can probably tell im completely new to all this but i do catch on quick if pointed in the right direction but that also means that whatever procedure i go for,if it involves adding something to my pc it cant be too technical ! Can a “360usb” flash a xbox 360 on its own or does it need a 360 blaster? I just want something that preferably i can attach to my Pc that will enable me to flash my 360 in a similar manner to if i had the correct chipset (if this is possible).I may be asking alot of impossible questions but i would really appreciate some advice from someone “in the know”.
Cheers. … this is what i used to flash my Samsung MS28 drive on my xbox360 (it works on MS25 drives to along with hitachi’s, but it’s mainly good for samsungs)

and here is a tutorial on what to do to flash your drive etc… (it’s a TEXTBOOK.PDF file)

bottom line… get that card in the link and read that textbook.pdf file and get iprep (iprep = for samsung ms25/ms28 drives) (which it lists in that textbook.pdf file)