Noob 2510A question



I JUST bought my 2510A. I have no experience with DVD burning.

I bought my 2510 bare. Came with no drivers. I connected the NEC, and WinXP didnt recognize any new hardware. Nothing shows up in My Computer at all. Do I need to get drivers from somewhere, or did I just miss something when connecting it? The LED comes on in front of the drive when the computer starts and the drive open and closes. Im pretty sure I conncted it correctly. But I could be wrong.

So, do I need drivers, and where do I get them?
iF not, any ideas why its not recognizing it?


Congrats on the new burner.

I would just double check these couple of things.

  1. Make sure the jumper on the device is the same as the orientation of the cable. IE: Master device/Slave jumper = no workie.

  2. Make sure that you don’t have the IDE ports disabled in the BIOS. You can probably disable the controller altogether, or Primary/Secondary Master/Slave individually.

  3. Make sure that you haven’t disabled anything with the IDE controller in XP.

That really should be it. If these are all correct, you may have a defective burner. :sad:


You don’t need any drivers if your drive is connected to your mobo IDE controller.
How is it connected ? Prim Slave, Sec Master or Sec Slave ? What cable ?
On mobo controller or a separate controller ? Which one ?
How are the other devices connected ?
Type off Mobo ? Chipset ?
IDE drivers ? You should use the standaard MS IDE drivers if any problems.
Uninstall Intel IA drivers or NV GF IDE drivers and use standard MS IDE drivers.