Noob 2 This Forum Have a 851 to 832 mod but

I still can only burn at 4x on my -R DVD’s that are rated for 8x. Any Ideas? I used 2 firmwares I found on the site.
Tried this one
VS0G - patched - crossflashing (for 451S, 851S, 812S, etc.)

and this one

CG5G - patched - improved burn quality (for 451S, 851S, 812S, 832S, Sony 700A, etc.)

Neither worked the flash took cause my DVD is now labled as 832s but I thought the new firmware would make it burn faster ?

The 851S@832S crossflash is primarily a +R DL upgrade. -R support was never upgraded because the x51S series lack the hardware for 8x -R. You have to use +R media if you want to burn at 8x.