Non Windows OS



Not sure if this is were I ask … sorry if not…

I’m looking for a easy to use non windows OS…
Preferably free…thank you…
I played with Xandros a long time ago and have
the itch to try linux based OS again…
Any suggestions for a newb at this.


Your left with only Linux O/S based. Unless you purchase Apple or M$ O/S. Unbuntu is one of the more popular Unix O/S but there are others. If you plan to run Win programs there is the unix wine progam that is used to run m$ applications to run on unix system.


There is a nice description of the main Linux distributions at Distrowatch :slight_smile:


Some computer specs would be helpful, Cpu, ram, hard drive, cd/dvd drives, printer, internet connection (wired/wireless), etc. Also what do you mainly intend to use your pc for. There so many different linux distros, one might suit your needs better than another.


Being new I would say OpenSuse, Mandriva or Ubuntu. Out of the 3 I would recommend them in the order I typed them.


Pclinux is also quite good. The download can be burnt to a cd and run from there, before you install it on your drive. Sort of a try before you commit yourself to it.
I have tried it and was impressed with the fact that it found and installed all 4 of my printers as well as the scanner and my broad band modem.
It has firefox and open office on the disc so you would be up and running straight away.


Thank you for your suggestions everyone.

I will take a look at the ones you suggested.

I’ll be running it on a older pc.
Athlon 2400 /1028 mem / plextor dvd cd drive no printer
and wireless connection.

Just looking for an alternative to windows and I am not
really ready to run out and by a Mac although they are
pretty impressive.

thanks again.


Hi again…

Actually, I couldn’t decide so I have installed Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS.
(on different computers and harddrives)

Both were easy to install…
Ubuntu 8.10 gave me the most problem when I burned the iso.
Could have been an issue with the media after I downloaded it
or the md5. but after trying 2 different sites the second dl burned fine.

Have been playing with Ubuntu and for me not knowing anything
about Linux, Debian and the like. I have found this to be pretty
user friendly. Had to laugh though…there were 208 updates I
needed to down load…hahaha…visions of windows?
Best part was a couple of clicks and they all downloaded fine and
installed with no problem.

Although I have read you really don’t need a firewall or av I installed
ClamAV and Firestarter just for grins and to play with.

I could ramble on more because this is a pretty exciting adventure
but, i’ll save it for later…

I must say though…I really like the clean look of both OS’s.
You don’t have the screen full of iconic shortcuts.
Just a nice dropdown menu for everything…sweet !