Non-TN glossy panel LCD replacement

Currently using a NEC 20WGX2 alongside a new Dell 2007WFP. The NEC is being fully refunded after having 3 replacements only for them to have the same problem occur after a short time of use (abuse?). Dark stain creeping along the top of the screen. Possibly heat damage as it’s hot at the top. Anyhow I am after a replacement. The Dell 2007WFP is also S-IPS like the NEC but is a matt finish panel with a frosty anti-glare coating which I find a little distracting. The NEC glossy screen is great in comparison although you need to be in a position where there are no windows etc behind you.

The only candidate I have found thus far is either the Apple cinema display (Pricey) or an Acer AL2051WS which uses and MVA panel (Not as good as S-IPS but still better than TN) and is in short supply in the UK it would appear.

TN sucks because of mediocre colours, lesser viewing angles and usually is only 6bit as opposed to 8bit on S-IPS and MVA/PVA pannels. Even fancy dithering does not mask their lack of smooth colour gradations. But I digress.

If anyone else knows of any other brands and models I’d appreciate you pointing them out to me.


you mean backlight bleeding?? I have that monitor, and while there’s a slight bleed, it doesnt bother me too much as I don’t use mine for films, I only use it for gaming, in which case it doesnt effect me too much. I love my 20WGX2.

It’s not backlight bleeding. It’s heat damage causing delamination at the top of the screen. It happens on a lot of IPS 20" panels. Not just NEC I have read.