Non resource hog of a cd burning program for an oldie

I got a PIII 500 with xplite and i’m using winamp as well. But the only thing I need is a cd burning program that uses the least amount of resources as possible.

In the FREE DOWNLOAD SECTION there are several suggestions but was wondering what experience any of you of had with these programs.

This will strictly be used for mp3 and data.

Burn4Free -
Burnatonce -
CDBurnerXP -
CDR Tools Frontend -
Deepburner -
DVD Decrypter:
Easy Burning, DropCD & Audio CD -

I like and have used CDBurnerXP. Though I don’t know if it is a resource hog.

Burnatonce is excellent for both data and audio CD’s – you can also copy an audio CD with it. Burrrn (not mentioned) is excellent for audio CD’s. Both are small-footprint programs that are quick to load. A good idea is to download them and try them out. Stick with the FREEWARE programs.

DeepBurner’s OK, but it doesn’t do disc-to-disc copies, which is a bit of a pain.

I have CDBurnerXP downloaded, gonna try that myself tomorrow.

Also, as mentioned, Burrrn is a terrific little free app for burning audio CDs from music files. That one gets a lot of use on my PC :smiley: - forgot to mention, Burrrn is not a resource hog :disagree:, part of the reason I love it!

As mentioned several times allready, Gambit’s cdrdao frontend Burrrn is simply the greatest music burning app available. It supports all needed formats, ReplayGain, all EAC’s cuesheet’s(even the non-compliant ones) and finally, one of the features i love the most, the ability to burn WavPack/FLAC/APE images with embedded cuesheets, simply by selecting the image, and then Burrrn extracts the embedded cuesheet automatically, decodes the image to WAV, and writes it to disc :bow:

For data writing, and if not having any need for doing multi-session discs, bootable disc copying or unicode support(next version will support it), then there’s no equal to LIGHTNING UK!'s amazing app ImgBurn. It’s not even a frontend to cdrecord/cdrdao, but a standalone app coded in C++ :bow:

I used to love burnatonce, but as i had problems with cdrecord-ProDVD(now just cdrecord - relicensed) for DVD writing on two of my drives(Plextor PX-755A, LG GSA 4167B), then i had to find a replacement(ImgBurn :)), as i nearly only do DVD+R backups, and not CD-R backups. I didn’t know of ImgBurn at the time, so i just used Nero v6.6.0.18 for a while, but after i had come to know ImgBurn, then i was immidiately sold, and ditched Nero for good. If not needing DVD support, or if cdrecord works fine for you, then burnatonce is also very good for data backups, but it can’t compete with ImgBurn IMHO.