Non-Printable vs. printable media quality

I’d like your feedback on whether printable media perform at the same level of quality for you than non-printable media.

For me, printable media perform consistantly worse than their non-printable counterparts. Below are scans for MCC 003 00 non printable and printable and TYG02 non-printable and printable. In the first case the difference is very pronounced, in the second a bit less.

So what is your experience?

I, too, find that printables generally scan worse than branded. Like cheaper media, I generally burn printables at or below rated burn speeds.

It’s always been the case, since printables were introduced. I’m pretty sure it’s related to the weight and coating causing balance issues. The best printables I’ve ever used for quality were the Maxell MXLRG02 4x’s. Those scanned almost exactly the same as the branded ones. The 8x are still consistent with the branded, but have fallen out of favor with me because of total PIF’s are always pretty high.

Stick with MCC and TY, they’ve served me right for the past year. I burn dance instruction/recital videos, and never had any returns (after 300+).

My printables burn just as good as my nonprintables did…
Both scans are TY DVD+R 8X 100 pack tape wrapped inkjet printables from Rima:

Burned @ 8X w/ LiteOn SOHW 1693S FW KSOA

Burned @ 8X w/ Pioneer DVR 109 FW 8.57

teflonmyk: the quality of the images that you are using is awful!

To save a quality scan: click the floppy disk icon in the top right of the window. Save it as PNG (NOT jpg because with scans the quality is worse and the size is bigger).

When you put the scans onto cdfreaks use the “manage attatchments” button when submitting a post to upload the scans. Much easier than using imageshack.

Anyway, Ive seen varying quality from batch to batch of both printable and non-printable media, so i would find it hard to come to a conclusion.

TTG01 printables. Sold as TDK dvd-r 4x printable 50 spindles.
I don’t think a non-printable would be any better :wink:
Also i’ve tried MCC003 printable, burned better than non-printable on my NEC 2510.

teflonmyk: the quality of the images that you are using is awful!

This one’s better, eh? LOL Thx for the tip! I am new to attaching scans…

Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R Inkjet Printable 100 spindle tape wrapped (Rima). Disc art printed on disc (R200) and protected with Patricia Nomick’s prior to scanning… Cure time 12 hours (overnight).

Burned @ 8X on Pioneer DVR109 FW 8.57

Nice scans teflonmyk. Do these discs slow down at all in Nero transfer rate tests?

I also haven’t had any problems with Printables vs Branded, same quality (based on transfer rate scans). I don’t have a Liteon or Benq writer to post comparable scans however.


Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R Inkjet Printable 100 spindle tape wrapped (Rima).

Burned @8X with Pioneer DVR 109 FW 8.57

I also have seen no difference between my printables and non-printables. I have Fuji ty02’s and also printable TY ty02’s, they both seem to get equally good burns scanned with kprobe on Liteon 1633s. If you are actually getting more problems with the printables, maybe you should switch manufacturers cause that shouldn’t happen, or you just happened to get a few bad discs.