Non PC DVD recorders to flourish in 2005 says In-Stat

I just posted the article Non PC DVD recorders to flourish in 2005 says In-Stat.

Stand alone DVD recorders are gaining momentum big time, driving the market for non- PC hardware. We can read in this article from DMEurope, that In-Stat market research…

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Does anyone know a set-top DVD recorder that can do dual layer dvd+r’s and dvd-rs? This I see is the advantage of PC dvd recording right now as well as more complex options that are only possible in software.

Sony is coming out with a Dual-Layer HDMI unit in about two months, to sell for about $799.

Hmmm 799? Does it have a hard drive or upsampling? Seems expensive. But, I sure would like to read more about it if you have a link. :stuck_out_tongue:

No DVD DL rewritables though. So if you goof up you wasted an expensive DVD DL disc.

Thanks for the info robguy, I have yet another question does anyone know a set top player that Encodes and stores in mpe4 or divx or Xvid or NeroDigital. This would be even better than dual layer recording.
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