Non PC Copying

HI Peeps, Does anyone have any information about making back up copies of DVD’s without using a computer?
I have just bought a DVD recorder for under me telly, and tried wiring the output of my existing DVD player directly into the recorder. I was hoping to back up my favourite DVD’s. However, a message appeared on my new DVD recorder saying there was a data protection signal, so it wouldnt record it.

Does anyone know how to get over this ‘protection signal’ issue, without resorting to PC software? (I dont have all the necessary hardware/software as my computer is ancient).
It may be called Macrovision Copyright Protection.
Thanks in advance! :bow:

Well Macrovision is an analogue protection. It can be overcome with a $10 box, just do a quick search on google or eBay.

But seriously, this would look TERRIBLE. Why not just get a DVD burner for your PC?

Yeah, but I want to do this without a PC at the moment, due to having a poor PC. I have looked at Macrovision stuff now, and understand not all cheap removal tools work with DVD to DVD copying, due to it being both analogue and digital protection signals. I guess I was really looking for software to load into the DVD recorder to ‘help’ it ignore the signal.

unless you can find a modified firmware ( or something like that) for your player you are permanently out of luck.

Up to 90% this is impossible.

Fortunately I have found the solution in the form of a powered scart cable here in England. It removes the Macrovision to give perfect picture copying. Still,thanks for your thoughts everyone!

Still, you won’t be able to copy a whole movie which is in DVD9 format to DVD5 format, which what DVD+/- is unless you use DL disks…Can your recorder do this? Curious…where did you get that cable and how much?