Non OEM Ink Jet Cartridges From Good Vendor With Additional 5% Off




Here is the ‘backdoor’ to a very good Non OEM ink jet cartridge vendor that I have been using for the past two years-

Use code MAYSAVINGS to get additional 5% off-



Thanks, just stocked up enough ink for my 990 and r200 for a year or so for what ONE HP color cart normally costs.:bigsmile:


Search there auctions on ebay, youll get them cheaper than in there web store.


at risk of sounding like i’m whining (ehh screw it, i AM whining)

why do I own what seems like the only printer on earth that you can’t get discount ink for.

hp psc 1410.

i should have looked into the ink situation before buying and $27 for a color/black combo pack isn’t too bad compared to reg prices for a lot of other brands, but still…

i can’t even find compats for my printer.


that’s a great site if they have your model :wink:


The private one is a bit cheaper then their regular site, haven’t looked at all of the e-bay ones they list yet. Still happy, be happier when it gets here and works…


I use a Brother 420cn and got 3 each of the 4 colors for it from itrimming for 32.00 shipped.



The good news is that the ones from these guys [B][I]work[/I][/B] - and in my case - as well as the Canon OEM’s (and all I use the Canon for is photos)-

@Dartman - glad to have helped you save your hard earned money-



Folks, these are the facts on printer ink cartridges,
The manufacturers make their money on the ink, not on the printer. It is sometimes cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to buy replacement ink cartridges.
HP is the worst for pricing on ink cartridges.
Google printer ink profit margins and you’ll find that HP is charging approximately $8,000.00 a GALLON for ink.
Check out this thread for more info. Previous Thread
Like Big Mike said, Abacus provides a quality product for an excellent price.


I and my son have both had HP printers, although they were very good the running costs were too heavy.
I looked around at various printers with a view to running costs, and I suggest you do the same.
I ended up buying 2 canon ip5000 printers which give excellent results, can do duplex printing, DVD/CD’s and photographs. The OEM ink costs me about £5 for the 5 individual tanks and we’ve never been happier.
I also bought my wife an i250 (cost £30) which she uses on her own set up and the two tanks cost £2:50 the pair, ok they only do about 300 pages but with the infrequent use it is ideal for her. For the heavy work I have a Kyocera mita laser the cost of a cartridge refill is about £18 but is good for 6000 yes 6k pages.
Just do a bit of home work and you can save a packet.


Private.abacus jacked up their prices for the epson r-series 200-340. Was $55 for 3 sets including shipping,now it’s $81.03 and not sure about shipping!!!

The prices on their other epson ink cartridges may not have increased,mainly the R series.

Here’s where I’ll get my next batch:

$11.22 a set and free shipping with over $45 order!!!

#11 has the best none OEM ink in the best possible packaging with very reasonable prices.

This site has by far the best price for Canon non OEM ink and free shipping if you spend 12.00
The ink works perfect for me and their service is great.


If you want the best ink out there for canons (that use bci-3/6 ink) and you don’t mind refilling, this is the best you can get.
For compatible carts, I have heard many people recomend abacus. It does look like they have jacked their prices up through the private link though. A full set for the epson r300 was 16$ and now it is 27$!!! That sucks (teach me to not order when they are cheap).

Get a load of this. I checked and just realized that ink for the r300 is actually cheaper through the normal store than through the private link!!! What is going on with that?


the canon inks are still cheaper at the private store:

CI24B Compatible Canon BCI-24BK (BCI24BK) Black Inkjet Cartridge


CI24C Compatible Canon BCI-24C (BCI24C) Color Inkjet Cartridge



Compatible Canon BCI-24BK (BCI24BK) Black Inkjet Cartridge


Compatible Canon BCI-24C (BCI24C) Color Inkjet Cartridge



What a difference Abacus prices from the private store!

Its as bad as price shopping a Dell computer, which also varies greatly.

For my Canon IP3000 I use non-oem ink from with very good results but I do have to use a color profile to eliminate a “greenish” color cast. Though the initial setup takes some effort, their inks have been consistent from order to order (so far!).

Consistency in quality from batch to batch can be a significant problem in non-oem ink.


forget cartridges…way to expensive for me, as I do alot of photo printing.

I use continuous ink system for my epson r300


On my Canon Pixma ip3000, I’ve always had very good luck with G&G ink cartridges. But, where I get them, has jacked up their prices. I see that G&G is available at a nice price at Has anyone here dealt with techbudget? They have only a couple of reviews at


I bought some G&G ink for my Epson R200 at Rima. All six colors for $16, plus shipping. Can’t comment on the quality because I have not used them yet.


The continuous ink system is the way to go. I picked one up for my R200 back a year ago on ebay from a seller “inktoo” in china for $65 that included full tanks and its worked flawless since installing it. I get the refill ink kit for it from Costco for $18 comes with 100ml of each color. The tanks have an auto reset chip so when it thinks it’s empty you unplug the printer for minute and plug it back in and tanks show full again. I think the printer will fail before ink system does. I was skeptical about the system but after purchasing a set of cartridges from one of the above mentioned places the tanks were empty in no time and there went another $25. The ink system from inkrepublic cost $200 for the R200 get it from ebay for around $50 its just as good as the one that cost $200. I would never buy another inkjet printer unless it had a CIS for it. It’s worked great for me. Took about 10 minutes to install.


Cis systems are good if you are going to be doing a substantial amount of printing and or are printing something that uses a large amount of ink like photos. I use my canon ip4000 for most printing and my epson r300 for dvd printing only though. I use so little ink in the epson that the ocational set of compatibles would be all I need (refilling and or cis doesn’t seem worth it). I do refill on my canon though as it is my main printer.