Non-finalized DVD - Lite-on 5045


I used to own a Lite-on 5045 DVD recorder and made several hundred recordings with it - all good. However It died some time back and I no longer have it.

I have just discovered a DVD that was not finalized on the Lite-on and I cannot read it. I have tried on my Philips DVDR3576H and on my PC but nothing recognizes it.

I would really like to recover this recording if possible - there are three titles on the disc according to my records.

Any ideas? Any one got a working 5045 that could do it?

Thanks in advance


If it were recorded in VR mode you need to install VR drivers…


I assume you mean VR drivers on my computer?

Do you have a link to download them?



Yeah, right.

Doesnt Liteon offer them?

Some videoediting softwares always come with them, otherwise you need them to install seperately.

Please read this threads:

VR drivers are not the issue if the disk wasn’t finalized.

I found a couple of recommendations for a program called “isobuster”. Or you could find someone else with a standalone Liteon drive and finalize it there (I expect a 5005 or 5006 or 5005xs would be compatible, probably also a 5007, though of course a 5045 would be best).


Well I read the threads above, installed Nero but it didn’t recognize the disk either.

I’ll look for isobuster and let you know



Yeah, isobuster is a good idea.
Maybe you could also try the disc in another burner…

Yes, iobuster did recognize the disk and the files.

Now Iseem to have multiple copies of the same thing but I can play them and all the data appears to be there.

Nero was not good at reading the disk, but may now provide the tools to burn a new DVD.

Thanks for the help so far.

I’ll mark this resolved when I have burned the DVD



isobuster read it and saved the files to my computer. Nero copied and verifed the files.

Nero Burn created a new DVD which works just fine in my DVD player. It even has all my thumbnails and timings intact.

Thanks everyone, problem solved.


Nice! :clap: