Non-emulation xp boot HELP!

Let me apoligise in advance for the length of this post, I’d rather include too much info rather than too little.

I’m not a complete noob in the world of computers, being my friends “tech support guy” back home, but my current problem is completely outside of my experience. I’m currently studying abroad in Austria for a semister, and so I brought my old HP zt1195 with winXP sp1. While downloading Cakewalk (mostly legally; I own the software at home, and deleted it from that PC before I left but forgot to bring the install CD :o ) I ended up with a suite of virus’. Everything that I had ever heard of and then some; Sasser, VX2’s, etc. After a few days spent running and re-running ad-aware, spybot, spy-sweeper, hijackthis, registry mechanic, and killbox, I said those dangerous words: “Well, it will either work perfectly, or won’t boot at all…” Guess what happened.

In the course of getting rid of sasr I broke my lsass. I’ve tried safe booting, LGC booting, everything, but I still hang with the error “The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000022) LSASS.exe.” The pointer moves fine, but nothing ever is going to happen.

<note> I’m getting to the part about CDs, I promise…

Being the fool that I am, I didn’t bring my XP CD with me, but a nice Austrian in my dorm Neroed an XP sp1 CD for me so I can try to repair the damage. I’ve changed my boot order to CD/DVD, but run into the non-emulation boot error. I don’t know if this is the result of using an improperly burned CD, a German version of windows, or what have you. I know it’s “wrong” to burn the CD; in my defense I own a legal version of the software, I’m not seeking to reinstall XP but to repair it, and this is a desperate situation :eek: . With system failure on this scale, usually I’d just wipe the drive clean, but that really isn’t a good option as I have over 2000 pictures from the trip locked away in there.

So my is twofold: is there a way to resolve this non-emulation boot thing either here or with my XP CD at home, and if there is, is it going to be possible to fix my lsass without a lowlevel format? (I know I’m in the wrong place for the second question but smart people are smart people, and there’s no harm in asking :smiley: )

Any assistance or advise would be most appriciated
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If you are asking whether someone should post your own copy of XP to you, so that you can fix the original installation after reverting to a restore point, then maybe it’s a good idea to try.

What’s “lsass”, by the way?

[B]LSASS[/B] (Local Security Authority Subsystem)

As a side-note, and it surely won’t help you (sorry), by downloading that software legally -as you said- you wouldn’t have got all those malwares and viruses, I think.

I could only give that advice here:
Back up all important data properly, then perform a full format (low level is not necessary), shutdown the system.
Restart after 5 mins of silence.

If you could get a hold of a Bart PE cd you may be able to access a restore point before your got the viruses. Even then you may be able to burn you photos before you have to format. I’ve saved files that way before.