Non emulated backup of KOTOR



I see a few threads around where people are having problems backing this one up. I got KOTOR a couple of days ago and have made a successful 1:1 copy (ie not requiring any emulation).

Burner: ASUS 5224A

Software: Blindwrite, BWA Builder 4.2.8, Alcohol


CD1 (which is the only CD which is copy protected)

Make an .mds file in Alcohol using the Securom New >4.8 setting.
I used x12 speed and got a good graph.
Convert the .mds file to a .bwa file using BWA Builder.
Make an image of CD1 using BlindWrite 4.2.5 and the following settings ticked Aternative Read
Extract Subcodes
Now place the .bwa file in the same folder with the Blindwrite image just created.
Burn the image to disc with Blindwrite using the following settings
Use BWA file
As far as speeds go I usually extract and burn x12

Now to the interesting part. This CD was not readable in the ASUS
BUT on trying it on my other computer it worked flawlessly in the following drives LiteOn 24102B
Liteon 165H DVD player
This computer has no burning software installed on it and no virtual drives. So the copy is perfect 1:1.

What is screwy is how the ASUS can burn this but then not be able to read it.

Anyway hope this helps other folks out there.


i think there is no difference between your copy and the ones made for ages only with BW 4.5.7

Try to fully read the disc using a “normal” reader, like your Asus or LG, or Nec, or Phillips, or Sony, etc… and you will find out that your copy is not as perfect as you think.

But this is my favourite method to backup these discs, because all my readers are Lite-on so, they all work for me.


Thanks for the info Sauron-Jin.
I think you’re right which is why the Asus couldn’t read the disc at all.
Haven’t got any other brand readers to try it out on at the moment.


only the plextor Premium (using bw5) can make a backup of Securom 5 games (including KOTOR) that works in all drives.
A reliable backup can be made with Alcohol and RMPS emulation.