Non-Dopyrighted DVD to IPOD possible?

Probably a dumb question, but using 3.5.0 I have not been able to take a DVD that has already had it’s copyprotection removed, and make it into an MP4 iPod file.

Any ideas what i’m doing wrong? Or is this even possible?

Thanks, great forum.

And welcome to it jmden. When you say you have not been able to
do it, please tell us how the failure occurs: crash/error message etc.
Also, if it fails during analysis mode (green progress box) does the
disc play OK in your player?

The disk will play fine in my set top player. What happens is when put in the pc dvd player and then when trying to select the drive within the program, It would not even analyze. I would get an error window saying DVDFabPlatinum has detected and error and will close.

That is about all I remember. I had installed the trial and made backup DVDs perfectly. Then I tried to turn one of those into an iPod playable file when I got the failures. I no longer am in my free trial period, so before purchasing, i’d like to know if anyone has done this.

Also, if purchase via PayPal is available?

Thanks again.

What you want to do is theoretically possible, but probably illegal in most countries.
The “Fair Use” provisions of USA Copyright Law at least,
allow backups of the original disk for protection, etc. but not copies of copies.
I have never tried this, but out of curiosity and to answer your question
I made an iPod conversion of a DVD I had backed up about 2 weeks ago with DVDFab.
The process went smoothly with no errors.

It will be difficult for you to experiment or even post more information without
a licensed copy of DVDFab. As a 2+ year user of this (and other) software, I
can tell you that the product support for DVDFab is the best, both here on the forum
and direct from the author and supplier. When was the last time you got an email from Bill Gates? :bigsmile:
I don’t think PayPal is an option yet, but major credit cards are accepted along with certain debit cards in the
UK and possibly elsewhere.

I have no connection with DVDFab other than as a very satisfied user.

Hmm…I just tried it with CloneDVDMobile and it worked flawlessly. Thanks for the quick response.