NoN css - css

Can someone please help.
I have just installed v5110 over the first v5, now when i check info it says v5000. Also it will not copy and says css protected. do i need non css and what is the difference and where do i get it. I am a registered user. I have now had to revert back to using v4.

are you talking about DVDFAB ? If so then you have d/led the non css version so you need to go delete that version and go back and d/l the css version

Sounds if correct you have dvdfab plat. If your having problem save your registration code and uninstall the older version and making sure to delete the folders. Then restart and reinstall dvdfab plat and enter your code. Usually its always good thing to uninstall the older version before install a new version just to remove any remanents of the older software leftovers so as to not conflict with the new install.

Yes it is DVDFAB plat. thanks for replys i will look to css ver.