NON - Copywrited vhs to dvd

Ok here’s the problem. First of all I have an LG dvd/vcr recorder that is one hell of a machine. Have transferred and recorded over 3,000 movies to DVD.
My brother recently gave me over 1,000 old VCR tapes with movies, documentaries, sports etc etc, RECORDED from the television to store boughten BLANK VCR tapes.
So why can’t I transfer them over to DVD’s? Not all but about 25% so far say they are copywrite protected and will not let me transfer them.
NOW this doesn’t make sense to me. WHY would the television let me make a recording of a movie to a VCR if it is a copywrite protected movie.
So now I have the movie on VCR but they will not let me put it on DVD.
Talk about stupidity…

Can anybody advise me on this issue

Thank You