Nomadic broadband to catch up with home usage, pay TV to suffer

Nomadic broadband to catch up with home usage, pay TV to suffer.

[newsimage][/newsimage]New research from The NPD Group says the number of people watching videos via nomadic broadband and on-the-go will rise drastically in the next few years. When combined with the domestic numbers, this could also negatively impact pay TV providers who are already under assault by subscription-based online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus.

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“A pay TV exodus isn’t altogether likely, but cable bigwigs are certainly taking notice.
Are you more nomadic in your broadband usage, or are you strictly a stay-at-home type of person? Let us know in the comment section.”

Much ado about nothing.
Sadly the Cable companies ARE the Net Providers as well. If they loose a few subscribers to their grossly over priced Pay TV services, the’ll gouge the same customers on their Wireless service plan.

Me…Im a stay-at-home type of person, However in my younger days…Lets Ride!!!

I think the general consumer expectation is to be able to access high speed internet services whenever and wherever they want. Personally, we do the majority of our online video viewing at home, but when we’re at a hotel, a friend’s house or another location, we certainly do some online streaming as well.

Hotels need to do a better job of providing an HDMI input. Often times we get stuck watching content on the “small screen” (laptop) since the TV is bolted to the wall and an HDMI port isn’t accessible.