NOLF2 Image Copies - Nero/Roxio vs Alcohol?




I have two files (flt-nof1.iso and flt-nof2.iso) which are back-ups of the game No One Lives Forever 2.

When I use Nero or Easy CR Creator to make image CD copies from these files I ‘appear’ to get proper copies of the originals – however when I try to verify the CDs by installing the game I get, 1) CRC errors on a couple of the files (which I ignore) and 2) after CD1 and CD2 are loaded (ie. the installation is about 60%) the installer asks for “disc 0” to be installed. What’s going on here?

Does the installation fail because the CD images weren’t properly copied (ie. copy protection is screwing things up)? – or do I have some other problem???

If I used Alcohol 120% (rather than Nero or Roxio… since Alcohol seems to be able to cope with the SecuROM copy protection) to burn the CDs from these image files would that fix the problem?

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You have downloaded this files right ??? read the rules in newbie forum. :cop: :cop:


flt stands for fairlight wich is a warez group
so you downloaded the files, no support for illegal stuff here.

well just one thing then

NOLF uses the securom protection. subchannel data is a part of that protection. the iso file format cant store aditional data such as subchannel data. so you never going to make a working back-up from those files. or you need to use a no cd patch wich is illegal too.
enough said, go and buy the original game


Thread closed, warez not allowed. :cop: