NOLF2 .bwa works for TRON 2.0



There is hard to find BWA file for TRON 2.0. Since TRON 2.0 used same Lithtech.exe as used in NOLF2 (maybe not exactly same, but name is same), I downloaded BWA file for NOLF2, renamed it and burned with Blindwrite 4.5.7 on Plex Premium (BWI BWT and BWS files dumped from original Tron 2.0 CD). IT WORKS! Checked on 3 PCs, one with Blindwrite installed, two others without. Works with 1.02 patch. I think this method will works with another games, but not checked yet.


Wher did you DL the BWA File ?
And if there are many of them wich one did you DL.

THX for info :bigsmile:



I got it here:


how did the install worked with this BWA-File ?

My install has worked with an older BWA-File but the installation
process was very slow and the game ahs not worked it failed the
cd check.

So my question was is the install slow or “normal/fast” from the
burned backup with this NOLF2(Plex24x).bwa of Tron2.0 ?

again many THX for info.



I found that my Plex Premium reads CDs burned with Blindwrite/BWA only on 4x speed. I checked BWA backups on Sony 52 CD-ROM , Pioneer 16x DVD-Rom and Creative 52x CD-ROM, on those drives backups installs fast and runs without problem. If youy run your backup from burner, you need “hide atip”.


Interesting, but after the upgrade patch does not work for me anymore :frowning:
I got an error about time reading (the game looks for something in the CD for a long time and then stops).