NOLF doesnt want to burn right

Use Clone CD to make a copy of it or goto to get a no cd patch.

for some reason when I want to burn No One Lives Forever, It burns all good, it will install off the CD no worries, but then when I go to play it it tells me that the wrong disc is in there??

All I did was use nero and make a new cd thing, drag every file off my D drive (the original NOLF disc) into the cd create box and added a new folder called patches so that I wouldnt have to find them all on my pc, and then when i go to play after a trouble free install it wont work :mad:

any reason?? has this happened before to anyone?? any idea on how to fix it?? or should I just do a copy to copy CD instead??

:confused: :confused: :confused: Help!


P.S - For the record Im only burning it so that I can play multiplayer on my network, damn thing still needs the CD when you do a full install