Nokia's Booklet 3G: $299, with contract

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At $300, Nokia’s slim and stylish netbook is priced like any other, except you’ll be locked in to two years of data with AT&T at $60 per month.

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I don’t know about AT&T, but at Verizon, you can buy one of two data plans. A 250MB plan for $40 and a 5GB plan for $60. I just use the cheaper plan, and if I plan on traveleing somewhere where I might be forced to use Verizon’s network, I can upgrade to the 5 GB plan for a month and then go back to the cheaper plan the next month.
I went to AT&T’s website and they have a $40 200MB plan and a $60 5 GB plan. They don’t list the Nokia as one of their devices yet, but it seems unlikely that the only available plan will be the $60 one. So you ought to be able to use the cheaper plan most of the time except for those ocassions when you know that you might need more data.