Nokia rolls out free GPS app on its smartphones

Nokia rolls out free GPS app on its smartphones.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Nokia took aim at Google today by announcing a "game-changing" decision to roll out free professional GPS navigation software on 10 different Nokia smartphones available to consumers worldwide.

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Whoh… Dutch company TomTom under fire! Their stocks have dropped A LOT since this announcement, as they rely on paid navigation services.

However, I am wondering… navigation on your Phone? I sometimes use google maps in the car to find an address, but the usability is not that great. Like the TomTom/Garmin systems better.

Google turn by turn navigation on the Motorola Droid works great, they even have a window mount for your car. I guess it depends on the screen size of the phone. Obviously, phones with a smaller display screen won’t be very suited for GPS navigation.

I’m definitely happy to see more free GPS apps coming to market.

And I wouldn’t say Nokia’s free GPS offering was “game changing”. The free Google GPS app was the game changer.