Nokia pledges to aggressively pursue N-Gage crack creators

I just posted the article Nokia pledges to aggressively pursue N-Gage crack creators.

A few days ago we
reported about Nokia’s N-Gage being cracked which
meant that the games for the mobile gaming device could also be played on other
mobile phones such as the Siemens SX1…

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an individual "with enough time, skill and intent"
Hell, that could be anybody! :slight_smile:

Nokia is committed to strengthening its copy protection system going forward, the spokesman said. -------- The only thing Nokia is commited to is getting the games out there before the competition. That’s it. At most I can imagine their so-called ‘investigation’ involving a PR person sending out press releases saying that the perpetrators will be dealt with severely, and not much else.

Another example of people telling you what to do with the stuff you own after you’ve paid for it. If I wanna crack open my hardware and figure out how it works, that’s my business. Just go after the copiers. Here’s a hint, if you don’t want people screwing up your stuff. Then don’t sell it. Keep it in a secured government facility guarded with tanks. No one will break it’s copy-protection there. But you can’t get money that way because that’s the trade off, either you don’t want people messing with your stuff, or you want money. You’ll have to ask yourself which is more important. How’s the saying go. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Well you definitly can’t have your cake and let millions of people take a crack at it.