Nokia owners get their own App Store

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Good news for everybody who doesn’t own a iPhone (including myself) but do have a Nokia phone. Today, Nokia unveiled their “App Store” (dubbed “Ovi Store”) as an attempt to…

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That’s great news. The Download! application-stuff thingie that’s currently on several Nokia’s isn’t bad, but it’s very limited. Also, I heard that Apple was making big bucks on their AppStore; no wonder Nokia’s keen to copy cat them.
Is this for new Nokia phones only?

I hope the apps aren’t overpriced. Hopefully the competition from Apple will help them to price apps sensibly, and also allow a lot of free apps as well.

The store will be available on S60 and Series 40 devices. However the Nokia N97 is the first one with a pre installed version. Do you use your download application on your current nokia? I only have something from Yahoo and a crappy browser pre installed from Vodafone :frowning:

The S60 series currently have lots of free apps, the problem is often that users aren’t able to find them (without going to a whole lot of trouble).

That brilliance, delevering the content in a easy way, is something Nokia has to copy & improve from Apple if they want to be just as successful