Nokia officially introduces N86 smartphone

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Nokia has finally unveiled the 8-megapixel N86 smartphone, which was announced during its own press conference.
The Nokia N85 and N95 have built-in 5-megapixel cameras, but Nokia decided to throw in…

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is there any need for digital camera’s in the future?

Yeah, to make telephone calls :bigsmile:

that will be too big!
from now on ,the digital camera will be only for the prefessional use.

No cellphone comes close to offering control over your photographs like a digital camera. Think about it. Almost every damn phone plays music nowadays. So why do people still by MP3 players? Simply because cell-phones try to do everything, but don’t do a decent job of anything. If you want quality, go for devices that are good at specific tasks. Not these SUVs of the cell phone world which just guzzle battery life. You know, these phones run out of juice when you need them the most - when you want to call someone

But they are improving quality… and maybe the average joe don’t need all this high tech stuff of a digital camera or mp3 player. I agree on the battery life, although this has increased as well the last couple of years.

Defend everything and you defend nothing.

Still, it’s not for nothing that Apple went selling iPhones instead of iPods. They saw that eventually, smartphones have the possibility to become successful in both calling, portable audio/video, photography and even more and combined features (like photo-tagging using GPS).
Although I agree with you that at the moment, most phones suck at all things (exceptions for some phones that have a decent camera, but lack a nice audioplayer, or the other way around).

For instance, my brand new Nokia 5800 has a good battery life, but even my old N70 made better pictures :frowning:

Until you can get a full frame chip inside, pin sharp lenses, no barrel distortion, full control, proper flash, off shoe flash etc on it it will always be a snapshot camera.