Nokia 7650 + EPoX bluetooth adapter


Don’t know if i can post this here, but here it goes…

Here’s my problem: I bought a EPoX bluetooth adapter (BT-DG03), instaled the bluetoth drivers, and when i try to connect to the nokia 7650 a serial port connection, it gives an error, and the mrouter of PC Suite doesn’t makes the connection, and i have the correct COM port selected. When i try to make the connection, the bluetooth icon goes green, but then it goes red, and then white.

Another thing: i can´t make the pairing starting it from the phone, the phone gives an error, but if i start the pairing from the PC, the pairing is made OK.

One more thing: i can’t send files from the phone to the PC, the phone gives an error, but sending files from the PC to the phone is OK.

If anyone could help please…:confused: