Nokia 6301 will it play dvd fab mobile option?

my cell phone contract gonna expire end of June so thinking of nokia 6301 ( )

will it play DVDs I convert to a compatible format (using DVD Fab WITH MOBILE OPTION)??? and what would be this compatible format???

(I am upgrading from the Samsung SYNC. I like it for ability to play DVDs I put on the microSD card…the ONLY thing is certain movies, I only able to get the soundtrack only, in other words, no video except for the kaleidoscopic visualization thingy. Some movies played fine. The thing is I couldn’t troubleshoot the phenomenon /na that determine(s) which movie plays OK and which not scratch head )


what about this question but applies to NOKIA 7510 ( )? T-Mobile HTC G1 ( )???

NOKIA 5310 ? NOKIA 6263 ? Samsung T339 ( )?

however many/as many model(s) as u can contribute to answer, would be most appreciated!!! Thanks!!

Cell phones in general are not very good movie players, and the video player specs on the Nokia site you linked are pretty much worthless–no detail. It will probably play using any of the profiles that make 3gp files, and some phones will play h264+AAC audio in a mp4 file type. When I am looking at a new phone, I put 5 or 6 short snips of a movie in different file formats on a microSD card and take it with me to the store. You can try it in each phone to see what works. Many phones don’t have the computing horsepower to play video at the full normal framerate or at high (>250 kbps) video bitrates, which really limits the quality. See if you can get more detailed video specs for the Nokia somewhere.

There are Nokia 6630 and 9300 profiles that are 3gp and a Nokia N93/N95 profile that’s MP4, I’d use one of those as a baseline and change the resolution to 240 x 320. You can use the Profile Editorto play with a few settings until you find one that works.