Noisy recording/feedback



I have a 5005 that, no matter how I configure it, has a background hum. Tivo to TV is fine - if I disconnect the Tivo and connect the 5005 I’ve got a problem.

I’ve inplugged the power from the distribution strip that everything else is plugged into and moved it to another power source - doesn’t fix the problem

I even recorded straight from the Tivo with the TV taken out of the loop - same problem.

Anyone have any ideas??



By the way - it has nothing to do with the media. I’ve tried four different manufacturues and none of them have had labels stuck on them.


Have you tried different cables?

How do you have the 5005 connected? Which inputs are in use, etc?

Try connecting the 5005 directly to the TV using the RCA connectors, but only connect one of the audio channels at a time. See if the hum is present in both channels or only in one of the two channels. Do not connect anything to the inputs on the 5005. Just connect the outputs to the TV and play a commercially recorded DVD.

If this checks out OK, then connect the Tivo to the input side of the 5005 and see if the hum returns. If the hum is presnt without the Tivo then the input side of the 5005 has nothing to do with the problem.

Post back with some results and lets see if we can narrow the problem down.


I tried disconnecting the audio connections, one by one - noise.

I played a commercial DVD - noise.

I had it linked to a Tivo via a coax so I disconnected that and played the same commercial DVD again - no noise.

I now have the coax between the Tivo and the 5005 disconnected and have it connected via composite AV to the Line 2 input and everything is fine.

I don’t know if this means the tuner on the 5005 is not usable but that doesn’t bother me because I pre-record everything to the Tivo.




Sounds like a clear cut issue with the coax (RF) in and out of the 5005 tuner. The 5005 tuner is not very good anyway. But, you should not be getting noise. Have you tried different coax cables? It possible you have a problem with the shielding causing the noise. Anyway, If you have the opportunity I would return the machine to the retailer for another one. If it does the same thing, something is going on in your signal chain. The likliehood of getting 2 5005 with the same problem is very small.

Glad you can at least use it the way it is until you decide what else to do.


I never used the 5005 tuner input but I did a little experiment and hooked it up. When I go from my cable box to my 5005 via coax (good RG 6 cable and gold connectors) to the tuner I get a hum. Via the front or rear RCA A/V inputs no hum