Noisy Pioneer DVR-108?

I have a problem with my DVD-108: it is sometimes very noisy when reading DVDs or CDs.
Last versions of Nero DriveSpeed or AnyDVD doesn’t seem to work with the DVR-108 (reduce speed option when reading).
When I read a DVD (WMV-HD) or a CD, it is quiet for 2 minutes then becomes noisy for 5 minutes, etc etc). Just before it becomes noisy, I can hear a “mecanical access” inside de player.
As the playing is perfect in “silence mode”, is there a way to force this low speed when reading?
Thanks and sorry for my funny English!! :wink:

let me ask this another way:
Do you know any software that can force set the reading speed of a CD/DVD inserted in the Pioneer DVR-108?
(firware is updated to 1.14)